Stryker 0986-500 CastVac Replacement Filter Solutions

Stryker Cartridge Cast Saw Filter
Stryker 940 Cast Cutter and 986 CastVac

100% Direct fit filter for the Stryker 986 CastVac Guaranteed

The CC986-500 vacuum filter is a brand new direct replacement for the Stryker 986-500 Cast Saw Vac filter. It can be used in both the Stryker 986 Mobile and 987 Wall Mount vacuums. Replacing the filter every 6 months is recommended based on usage.

Actively Manufactured

Stryker may have discontinued production of the 0986-500 Cast Vacuum filter but we have not. We are actively manufacturing our CC986-500 a direct replacement filter.

In Stock & Ready to Ship

Need a Stryker CastVac filter quickly? We keep an active inventory to help orthopedic clinics manage supply levels.

Prolong Your 940 System

Don’t be forced to change away from the system you love. The Stryker 940 and 986 system is solid. Keep it running as long as you want.

Perfect Fit

If you are looking for where to buy Stryker cast saw filters, you’ve come to the right place. Our Stryker replacement CastVac filters are brand new 986-500 style filters designed to have the same fit and finish as the original. Whether you have one cast saw or a fleet of 986 vacuums our filters are the answer to the Stryker discontinuation of 940 series cast cutters.

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