3MM Match Head Neuro Bur Fits Midas Rex – MR14MH30

3MM Match Head Neuro Bur Fits Midas Rex – MR14MH30

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Replaces: Medtronic 14MH30 3MM Match Head

The Omega MR14MH30 Neuro Bur replaces the Medtronic 14MH30 AM-8 Series High Speed Spine Bur. Its precision 3MM matchstick bur tip is features two flutes for optimal cutting and shaping in laminectomy procedures. Our MR14MH30 is compatible with the Medtronic Legend attachments for EM100-A, EM200, EM210, PM100, PM710, and PM700 high speed spine handpieces. This 3MM matchstick neuro bur is made from high strength stainless steel to provide an exceptional cutting edge and precision throughout a spine procedure. Each MR14MH30 spine bur is sterilized and single packaged for immediate use in the operating room. This 3MM matchstick neuro bur can be used in Midas Rex AVS14, AVA14, AS14, AA14, AS14S and AA14S Midas Rex attachments.


Our replacements for the Medtronic Midas Rex neuro burs combine several decades of surgical bur manufacturing excellence. Each spine cutting accessory we design features collective experience molded into superior surgical cutting instruments.

Responsive performance

Omega’s neuro burs combine precision engineering and intentional design to provide delicate control where it matters.

The Power of Focus

Strict attention to every manufacturing detail with enhanced technology gives each neuro bur exceptional cutting authority.  Experience true cutting excellence and superior control with each case. Decades of specialization is channeled within our neuro burs for top tier performance. All other spine burs seem generic by comparison.

Designed for Patient Recovery

Razor-sharp flutes remove bone chips effortlessly to reduce thermal build-up.

Optimized Centrifugal Balance

Each bur cylinder is finely balanced to provide ultra-smooth rotation at high-speed.

Globally Certified

Quality is of the utmost importance which is why we are ISO 13485:2016 quality standard and CE Mark approved.



Midas rex and Legend are trademarks of Medtronic. Omega Surgical Instruments is not affiliated in any way with Medtronic.

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Dimensions 6 × 0.11 × 0.11 in
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