50.0 MM X 9.0 MM X 0.61 MM Small Bone Sagittal Blade – Stryker TPS Hub – SM-5009

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The SM-5009 Micro Sagittal Blade is designed for use in all Stryker small bone sagittal and oscillating saws. It is 9.0mm wide with a usable length of 50.0mm and cut thickness of 0.61mm. Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel by Omega Surgical Instruments for TTA surgeries, the SM-5009 is an excellent choice for any surgeon using a Stryker Micro Sagittal or Oscillating Saw. Each sagittal blade is made right here in the United States.

Sterile Packaged and ready for use in the operating room.

Quantity discounts are available with large orders. Call today or request a quote to see how much you can save by using our Stryker style small bone sagittal blades.


Micro Oscillating & Sagittal Blades

Powerful Surgical handpieces combined with Omega Surgical blades provide unparalleled performance. Our micro blades can be used on any generation of Stryker micro oscillating or sagittal saw.

Cutting Accessories for Stryker Micro Surgical Systems

Experience Cutting Excellence

Surgical blades designed for compatibility with Stryker small bone handpieces. Omega is a leading manufacturer of surgical oscillating and reciprocating blades. Our Stryker compatible surgical oscillating and reciprocating blades are no exception. Experience cutting excellence with the system of your surgeon’s choice utilizing Omega blades for superior performance.

Compatible with all small Stryker sagittal and oscillating handpieces.

Choose from a wide selection of micro oscillating saw blades compatible with Stryker Systems

Small Bone Stryker Blade Replacements

Choose Omega When Quality Matters

American-made surgical saw blades at their finest.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 0.35 × 0.02 in
Handpiece Brand

Blade Material Thickness

Blade Width


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